R8 Snap Change Tooling

  1. Insert tool
  2. Lower quill 3/4"
  3. Cut part

Advantages of Snap Change Toolholders

  • Fast! (less than 2 seconds)
  • 1 Inch of travel is all that is required to change a tool.
  • You do not have to go to machine home or retract several inches in Z to change the tool.
  • Universal 200KS systems require about 2 1/2”.
  • Automatic toolchange machines must go to a fixed tool change position which can be several inches away from the part.
  • Fixed tool height (per tool) allows you to set tool height offsets on multiple tool/part jobs.
  • Power drawbars do not maintain a fixed tool position on successive uses of the same tool in a multiple part job. (You place the tool in the collet at each toolchange)
  • With the Snap Change drawbar, you can put the proper tools in the holders required, touch off the top of the part with each tool, set your tool height offsets, and then run multiple parts.
  • Snap Change toolholders extend a short distance from the nose of the quill, minimizing runout.
  • You do not need a spindle brake to change the toolholder.
  • Many systems require you to hold the quill stationary and turn a nut with a wrench. This requires you to either have an automatic spindle brake, or 3 hands to change a tool.
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