M3X CNC Retrofit


Typical retrofit packages consist of all the parts needed to convert your manual milling machine into a fully automatic 3-Axis CNC. Standard features like, spindle speed control, work coordinate offsets (G54-G59), mirror image, scaling, helical interpolation and large program storage (80 GB hard drive) sets the System M3X apart from the rest. The installation of your new retrofit can be performed by yourself (Everything is attached up to the motor) or by a factory representative.

If you need a single unit for the tool room or a retrofit of 4 units to create a cell the System M3X/M4X will suit your needs at a price that won't break the bank. With our Event Programming System (Also available as a standalone version.) The casual machine operator will be up and running right away. By using easy text driven machine events you can make a single cut or a complete part without G-Code experience.

Model M3X CNC Retrofit mold using 3D CAM SoftwareThe M3X Retrofit cut the mold required to make the part shown to the left. This mold was programmed using 3D CAM software (optional) loaded right on the control. The mold was produced and the part was molded within 2 weeks of the retrofit being delivered. How many retrofits can deliver this kind of performance right out of the box?

  • Utilize your existing equipment.
  • Lower Capital Expense (3-Axis for under 13K)
  • Bring older machines into the production cycle.
  • We drive the Knee! Find out why


  • Automatically runs EIA RS-274D Standard G & M Code Programs
  • FANUC® Compatible Programming
  • Backlash Compensation
  • Complete Program Edit Capability
  • MDI Operation, Auto, Single Block, Jog, Home
  • Full Canned Cycle Support G81-G89
  • Subprogramming Support M98, M99
  • Inch/Metric Programming Modes G70, G71
  • Absolute & Incremental Programming G90, G91
  • Scaling G50, G51
  • Spline Interpolation G06
  • CW/CCW Circular Interpolation G02, G03
  • Fixture Offsets G54-G59
  • Cutter Diameter Compensation G40, G41, G42
  • Tool Length Offsets G43, G44, G49


  • RS-232C Bi-Directional Serial Port
  • Floppy Diskette 1.44MB • Parallel Printer Port
  • Over 40 GB Fixed Disk Drive


  • 32 bit Microprocessor
  • Over 40 GB.Min. Hard Disk Storage
  • 128 Mb. RAM Memory Min.
  • 3.5" Floppy Diskette Drive
  • 15" High Resolution LCD Color Display
  • Enhanced Keyboard


  • View Program While in Run Mode
  • Large Character Manual DRO Feature
  • Graphic Toolpath Verification

Control Panel

  • Feedhold Switch
  • E-Stop Switch
  • Feedrate Override Control 0-150%
  • Limit Switch Release Switch
  • Electronic Handwheel & axis select on remote pendant station


  • Remote Electronic Handwheel Jog
  • Continuous Jog
  • Incremental Jog (.0001" to 100")
  • Minimum Programmable Increment .0001"
  • Simultaneous 3-Axis Linear Interpolation up to 200 IPM. G01
  • Helical Interpolation up to 200 IPM. G02/G03
  • Rapid Positioning X, Y, Z up to 300 IPM G00


  • Overtravel Limit Switches
  • Zero Reference Switches
  • NEMA Electrics
  • Full 3-Axis PWM DC Servo Drive System
  • Zero Backlash Ballscrews on X, Y & Z Axes for Bridgeport Series I®
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