Conversational Programming System ( C.P.S.)

Why wait for the G-Code? Use CPS and Cut the Part NOW!

The System M3X Conversational Programming System (CPS) is designed to eliminate G-code programming for CNC milling machines. CPS is a very fast DOS based program that runs off-line on Windows and DOS computers. Unlike many CAM systems that require state-of-the-art, expensive work station's to run, CPS will run on just about any type of machine. CPS is a plain English way to produce G-Code files without knowing G-Code.

This is a very typical part created using CPS

This is a very typical part created using CPS

CPS Functions:

  • Tool Change information (CPS takes care of all the offsets)
  • 3-D Point to Point (Great for manual quill work)
  • Line, Line at Angle
  • Line, tangent to 1 or 2 circles
  • Arcs, any start point
  • Drill, peck drill, tap cycles
  • Manual user input (Comment or G-Code)
  • Bolt Hole Patterns
  • Hole Grid Patterns
  • Exploded Bolt Hole Patterns
  • Radius blends between 2 lines
  • Circular Pockets**
  • Rectangular Pockets (With Corner Radius)**
  • Straight Slots**
  • Curved Slots**
  • D-Holes (Chassis connectors)
  • RS-232 Holes (Trapezoid)
  • Inside, outside circular Frames
  • Inside, outside rectangular Frames (With Corner Radius)
  • Show Part graphically with tool sequence.
  • Print Part (Part graphic and event list)
  • All CPS functions include Z-Depth

**Milling events include wall and or floor finish value, Z depth and Z step increment.