Advantages to a System M3X CNC Knee Mill

Knee driven Z-axis provides:

Over 14-inches of programmable Z-axis travel greatly increases the work envelope, permitting larger parts to be machined, and a wider range of tool lengths to be used in the same setup.

The knee has much greater mass than an un-clamped quill, which achieves very smooth, accurate cuts.

High torque servo motor provides ample power for heavy cuts. The built-in brake keeps the knee from drifting to the floor when the power is turned off.

The quill is always available for manual machining, when you want to hand drill holes or �feel� the cut.

The quill remains locked during automatic machining, reducing tool chatter.

Any type of quick-change tooling can be used to increase production (Quill-driven Z-axis systems severely limit tooling choices).

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System M3X knee mill provides:

Retractable handwheels for the x and y axes, along with the quill, enable the machine to be used completely manual, completely automatic, or anywhere in between.

Spindle On/Off control via M-Function and Front Panel control is provided on all System M3X machines. Optional inverter-controlled spindles add spindle speed control by S-codes, automatic spindle reversing to permit tapping (with a tension/compression holder), spindle braking stops the spindle in 2-5 seconds, and the entire machine can be run on single phase power (the inverter generates 3 phase power for the spindle).

A switch senses when you go into back-gear and the spindle motor is reversed so that the spindle will turn clockwise when you issue an M3 command.

Up to 240 inches per minute rapid/cutting speed in x and y, and 100 inches per minute in z enable the System M3X to be used in a production environment, or to produce prototype parts quickly.

Knee mill bases are Meehanite castings, with a Turcite �B� coating on the x and y axis slideways to provide years of accurate, trouble-free service.

Zero backlash ballscrews on all three axes reduce friction, improve accuracy, and glide smoothly to produce superior cuts.

Way covers protect the y and Z-axis.

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System M3X Control provides:

Fully synchronous three or four programmable axes. The three axis System M3X can move in all three axes at the same time, enabling it to produce surfaces, helixes, etc. The four axis System M3X can move in all four axes at the same time.

Large program storage; greater than 40 Gb. Hard disk and 128 Mb. of RAM can store all of your programs on the CNC, and run large programs (like complex surfaces) with ease.

DOS Editor makes program changes easy and fast. Standard text g-code files can also be created or edited offline, on your favorite word processor.

CPS conversational software generates g-code files from a list of events you input. CPS creates the g-code for simple parts on the System M3X control faster than you can program them on a CAM system!

DOS-based 32 bit computer can be serviced or upgraded at your local computer store. You don�t need to spend thousands on proprietary memory or �logic boards�. Standard computer keyboard and monitor replacements can be purchased from us, or locally, and in a pinch, can be �borrowed� from any PC in your office.

Programs can be transferred by 1.44 Mb. Floppy disk or via the serial port. DNC file transfer software is provided to send and receive CNC files.

G-codes supported are very similar to the Fanuc control, so you can produce g-code programs from any CAM system using a Fanuc post-processor, and run them with little or no modification.

All available G and M codes are provided in the software. There are no �optional� g-codes to be purchased, like work coordinate systems (G54-G59), mirror image (G11-G14), scaling (G50-G51), etc.

Front panel controls are provided for commonly used functions, like feedrate override (0-150%), spindle on/off, axis select, etc. The simple layout, large knobs and switches, and close proximity to the table make the System M3X control very easy to learn, and very efficient to operate.

A removable jog pendant station with electronic handwheel make it easy to jog to a part zero or �manually machine� using the electronic handwheel, instead of turning the hand cranks.

A large character DRO (digital readout) mode is available to assist the operator in hand-cranking the x and y axes. The DRO can be preset to any number in each axis, if desired.

Home switches on all three axes, along with index pulses on the encoders make it possible to save part zeros (work coordinate offsets) as a G54-G59, and then run the same job for days or weeks, without having to re-find the part zero, or leave the machine on all night.

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